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Habibi - Craig Thompson I wanted to put 4 stars because the artwork is so lush and detailed, and the meditations on the Arabic letters inspire reverence for the script. But something about the main characters did not draw me in. I liked one of the crazy old side characters better. Somewhere near the end though, my appreciation bumped up a notch when I realized this wasn't merely an alternate Middle Eastern universe, but, wait for it... a dystopian, post-diluvian, garbage-saturated future world of our own, where apparently civilization regresses to its baser nature and turns into a pleasure-seeking, sometimes barbaric society: widespread slavery, especially of dark-skinned races, children killed or sold off into slavery or marriage when deemed burdens, women treated as slaves or objects to satisfy lust, men choosing or being forced to turn into eunuchs to be able to support themselves, and death and punishments based on the whims of a spoiled, desensitized sultan. It's a waste land, where the poor have water shortages and live in toxic sludge, and the rich or promiscuous beautiful waste away in a haze of opium and sex and gold. Or... SPOILER! at least part of it was created that way by politicians. We find out that on the other side of the secret dam lies the source of this large-scale conspiracy.

But the two characters? If I were the more crude sort, I'd say it's about discovering lust and love for the woman who raised you (in effect, your foster mother), and finding happiness together even though she wants a baby but, oops, you already got yourself castrated.

But I don't want to seem fixated on that aspect, so, uh, yeah. GREAT artwork! And I liked Dodolah's stories. Very Thousand and One Nights.