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Then We Came to the End - Joshua Ferris The first person plural works, and there are descriptions that encapsulate office life perfectly that you go, "Yes! This." My favorite character is Lynn because she's the most real. The rest are, and this is probably done on purpose, caricatures.

The part that stuck most with me was where Joe Pope denies that he is elitist. Maybe that's the reason this book didn't resonate strongly with me, even though I could relate to it at times: I feel like Joe Pope in that, I don't consider myself above, but I do try to hold myself apart from the rest of "them". So maybe that's why I didn't really feel like indulging in the small dramas that went on in this office (which pretty much make up the book), because I wouldn't do that in my own. So I acknowledge the workmanship behind the book, but I personally I didn't enjoy it very much. A little depressing, actually.