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Wallbanger - Alice Clayton Funny, but could have used a bit of revising. Good start (the girl giving the guy's different female visitors funny names), but then it unraveled in some places. Here were a few problems I had that might have been solved by an editor with a firmer hand: The sections in the format of text messages were sometimes confusing, in that it was easy to lose track of who was saying what. Then in the last few chapters it became one short gratuitous (sex) scene after the other, like snippets, and honestly, it felt a little lazy. A little transitioning would have been nice. Also, after the resolution of the story's conflict ("the case of the missing O"), I didn't really see the point in having several more scenes. On the kitchen counter. In the shower. In the bathtub. On the bed. Etc. I pretty much scanned through these parts (Oh, they're doing it again) and hoped something else would happen, that, Oh I don't know, could move the story along? The last section from the POV of the cat was cute, but as an ending I'm not sure if it was the strongest. I felt it lacked something in the end to tie it all together.

Another thing is that the comedy in the sexy parts doesn't always work, and sometimes ruins the mood. I'm all for a bit of laughter and talking during sexytaym, but sometimes you just need to shut up and concentrate, you know? The teasing banter sometimes goes on for too long that it becomes absurd and corny. I felt like a third wheel, hanging around with such a disgustingly cutesy couple. I mean, sure, in real life, this might be the silly kind of stuff you toss around with your beau when it's just the two of you, but too much of this in book form could make a reader impatient.

I will say though: the descriptions of the food and scenery in Spain were well done. If the author trimmed the bloated dialogue and focused on crafting more of those exquisite passages, then this would have been a 3-star book for me.