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A Dirty Job - Christopher Moore Funny, but not my brand of humor (shock value, stereotypes, and bordering on offensive). Maybe if I were another nationality I wouldn't have bristled at certain wisecracks. I also felt a little uncomfortable at some of the cheap shots made at other groups. "Death to the infidel"? Come on.

But even mentally editing those parts out of the book, the mythology behind the whole Death and Luminatus thing is weak and feels a little half-baked. Throughout the book I was also a little frustrated that it was so painfully obvious that Sophie was special. And although interesting and true, I don't think the Alpha and Beta male thing had to be spelled out. Most readers can spot an antihero without having to overemphasize it. Instead, it's brought up so often that one begins to think it might be an important device, but it's not.

This is my second Christopher Moore book (first being "Lamb"), and I think I had similar feelings about it. Some of it is funny, certainly. However, on the whole, this kind of writing made me feel uncomfortable. I think I prefer a kind of humor that's more good natured, than scandalous.

I love the idea of Death as a toddler though.